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The District is empowered, among other things, to purchase, construct, operate and maintain all works, improvements, facilities and plants necessary for the supply and distribution of water; the collection, transportation, and treatment of the wastewater; and the control and diversion of storm water. The District may issue bonds and other forms of indebtedness to purchase or construct such facilities. The District is also empowered to establish, operate, and maintain fire-fighting facilities, independently or with one or more conservation and reclamation districts, after approval by the City of Houston, the commission and the voters of the District.

Description and Location

The District is located in northwestern Harris County Approximately 18 miles from the central business district of the City of Houston and immediately east of the City of Jersey Village. The District contains 483 acres of the land. Access to the business and commercial areas of Houston from the District is provided via Windfern Road and Gessner Road one mile within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston. The District is located entirely within the boundaries of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.

Status of Development

Development of the District began in 1971, and approximately 327 acres of land in the District have been developed with water, sanitary sewer and drainage facilities. Development in the District includes residential improvements as well as commercial and multi-family improvements.

Residential Development: Approximately 299 acres of land in the District have been developed into 1,179 single family residential lots contained in various sections of Windfern Forest, Sections One through Five, Windfern Gardens, Sections One and Two, Woodwind Lakes, Section Four, and Laurel Creek, Sections ONe through Five. As of July 1, 2000, the builders, and 99 vacant lots. New homes in the District range in price from approximately $160,000 to $200,000. The builder currently active in the District is Houston Village Builders. Older homes in the District are on the tax roll from approximately $55,000 to $145,000.

Commercial/Multi-family Development: Approximately 28 acres of reserves have been provided with water, sewer, and drainage facilities,. A mini-storage facility and one small strip shopping center consisting of a convenience store and several small retail establishments have been constructed in the District. The District also includes the Reserve at Woodwind Lakes Apartments, consisting of 350 units.

Underdeveloped Acreage: The District has approximately 70 acres of land contained in easements, rights-of-way, recreation and open space land, and approximately 86 acres of land not yet provided with underground utilities. If developed, it is anticipated that the cost of utility facilities to serve the remaining undeveloped acreage would be financed by future bond issues.

The Developers

In general activities of developers of property located in utility districts include establishing a marketing program and building schedule, securing necessary governmental approvals and permits, arranging for the construction of roads and installation of utilities (including gas, telephone and electric service as well as, in some cases, making a contribution of up to 30 percent of the consist of certain water, sanitary sewer and drainage facilities pursuant to the rules of the Commission), providing amenities to encourage home buying in the development, and selling improved lots and commercial reserves to builders or others. In addition, developers are usual major taxpayers during the development phase of property within the utility district.

Land within the District has been developed by several entities. Recent development of single family residential subdivisions in the District has been undertaken by Lennar Homes of Texas Land and Construction, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership (“Lennar”), and Woodwind Lakes Partners #4, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership. The remaining acres of undeveloped land in the District are owned by Betz Companies. Wolff Companies, Spring Branch Independent School District, and others.

Lennar Homes of Texas Land and Construction, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership (“Lennar”), is the developer of Laurel Creek. Its principal business activities are land ownership, homebuilding and development. Lennar is owned by Lennar Corporation. Houston Village BUilders, the builder in Laurel Creek, is also owned by Lennar Corporation.

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